Sunday, January 10, 2010

We were so young!

It was brother and sister Jerry and Melissa's first time at a nudist camp. Jerry couldn't keep his pecker from standing up, which the camp managers understood - more on that in a minute. Melissa had never seen a naked boy before and suddenly she was seeing dozens.

They arrived with their cousin Roberta, she had been there dozens of times with her parents. When she casually stripped upon arrival Jerry was instantly standing at attention. Both he and Melissa fumbled with the buttons on their clothes, not wanting to get undressed. Only a sharp word and threat from their uncle made them move.

Mrs. Winston, 38, was the manager of the welcome center and she knew Jerry would have the problem he did. She sat nude on a bench across from him, her legs just apart enough to give him a view. When he dropped his shorts his dick pointed to the ceiling. "There there, youngster, come over here," she said calmly. Melissa watched as Jerry walked over. Roberta had a smirk on her face, and a grin in anticipation.

Mrs. Winston threw a towel on the floor, then positioned Jerry to stand facing sideways from her. The girls were three feet away, staring at his dick. "Put your hands down," she said, pulling Jerry's hands to his side. She then reached over and pulled on his dick just three or four times. Jerry shot wads of cum onto the towel, while Melissa covered her mouth in shock. Mrs. Winston squeezed it out and, when done, picked up the towel and finished cleaning Jerry's tip. The young man was beet red, Melissa was dumbstruck and Roberta thrilled. She loved seeing her cousin so humiliated.

The trio then went out, and were just in time for the "newcomers" party. The two kids, along with six other newbies, were lined up for the adults, and introduced, hands at sides. Already Jerry could feel his boner coming back. But all the young men were starting to get hard. After the introductions the girls were told to take the boys back to the newcomer center. There Mrs. Winston awaited, towels at the ready.

She finished the first boy quickly while the girls watched. Then it was Jerry's turn. "Can I help?" Melissa asked. "No girlfriends, sorry," said the woman. "I'm his sister," Melissa answered. With that, she was allowed to sit on the bench and for the first time touch a young penis. Jerry jumped when her soft, small hand wrapped itself around his penis. Mrs. Winston then showed her how to fondly his sack, and in a couple of minutes he was shooting sperm.